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In March 2013 MySisterSaid, ‘I’ve got a high school reunion coming up and I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about how I look and feel. I want to start a blog about health and fitness — about staying stronger for longer in life.’ When we looked around for expertise on cooking, nutrition, exercise, fitness, weight loss and health, we realized that between the sisters in our family we have a pretty high level of professional and life experience on a lot of fronts. So MySisterSaid was launched to offer regular posts with achievable health and fitness ideas for women (guys welcome, too!) who want to work on a healthy future a day at a time. It’s all about levelheaded eating and sane amounts of physical activity. You’ll find tips, tricks and routines (hopefully with a twist of humor or wisdom) for taking it one step at a time…

…so that even the baby steps may add up to results!

My SisterSaid’s Mission

The idea of making changes to better our health – whether small or large – can be overwhelming, but MySisterSaid, ‘If people knew they could start with small steps it might be easier. And if they knew the small steps were based on sound science or real-life success they might be able to imagine that change is possible.’ The sisters believe that staying stronger for longer is definitely in the realm of possibility for everyone and want to share their real-life/real-woman stories to inspire others to take a few steps in the direction of an active life and good health. Let the sisterhood grow!

Meet The Sisters

The Sisters are a foursome that forms an amazing support net for one another – and for their friends. The same no-nonsense family upbringing makes them a unit. But when you combine their range of ages and distinctive personalities you get four individuals who go at life with a unique approach. They are mothers of boys and girls ranging from 9 to 21 and have dealt with most everything life can throw at you. They love to eat, drink and move-it-or-lose-it – and have a good laugh in the process. Each of The Sisters has ‘sisters’ outside the family whom they rely on in a thousand different ways to keep life interesting. It’s quite possible you’ll meet some members of this wider ‘sisterhood’ right here, because My Sister Said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if she told everybody what she knows.’

A Bit About Each Sister

Melinda Cater  IMG_0722

As instigator of the site, Melinda has a passion for knowing how food ‘works’ in our bodies. She’s studying to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics as well as her Registered Dietitian credentials. That, and the fact that she studied at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary Arts School, means she knows a heck of a lot about food and what to do with it to make it be healthy and delicious at the same time. When she’s not studying or cooking, Melinda can be found working on a monthly fitness challenge, enjoying two book clubs, volunteering with the local farmer’s market she helped found in Arlington, VA – and hanging with her two boys and Chester, the wonderdog.

Dr. Karen Wilks, MD

Site co-founder Karen is The Sister with the best knowledge of the female body and what makes it tick. She studied at the University of Oklahoma and is a board-certified practitioner of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Oklahoma City. Karen has years of workout experience and is up-to-date on fitness and health news. When she’s not out catching babies, you’ll find Karen in the gym or cruising to exciting international destinations with her husband and two boys – or cheering her guys on from the stands of soccer, basketball and football games.

 Sue Eyler

Co-founder of the site, Sue probably has the longest track record of all The Sisters in focusing on health and fitness and her approach to working out includes everything from power-walking to weightlifting. Sue lives in Boulder, CO and has volunteered in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, keeping trails clear and helping hikers find their way. She has a degree in public accounting from the University of Oklahoma which she puts to good use at a local school. Sue and her husband have a son in college who is a class-act when it comes to running. Their daughter recently moved Switzerland to study art, leaving the nest empty.

Georgeann Eyler  SAM_3658 (3)

Site co-founder Georgeann is definitely the last Sister to hop on the health and fitness bandwagon. Her journey began in June 2010 when she made lifestyle changes which would see her lose more than 100 pounds, learning-by-doing about nutrition and exercise along the way. This blog is motivating her to stick with Plan A and rid herself of some weight which crept back on in the past year. Georgeann has a degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and lives in Amsterdam with her husband, son and daughter. Downtime means travelling to visit family or see the sites of Europe.


Even though we have had plenty of experience with healthy eating and exercise, we are not professional medical specialists in nutrition or fitness, nor are we registered dietitians. We are not qualified to give individualized recommendations regarding health, nutrition or fitness. The goal of this blog is to share our life experiences with the hope of motivating and inspiring others to find ways that help them stay stronger for longer in life.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Pam Eyler

    Looks good sisters-in-law! Plan to share with my sister, your nieces and my friends. As always I could stand to lose about 15 pounds and will see if your suggestions will help me. Love you all!

    1. mysistersaidadmin Post author

      Thanks Pam! We hope it will be a good tool for keeping us all healthier and on track to live longer and stronger.

  2. Tracey Wolf Saunders

    Hey Melinda, why don’t you guys add an RSS feed so people can subscribe to your blog? Just a suggestion!
    Nice articles!

      1. mysistersaidadmin Post author

        Hi Tracey! We added the rss link to the blog (see icon at the top right on the blog). additionally, you can get to it from http://www.mysistersaid.com/feed.

        We are kind of new to all this. Do you know what the smartest way would be to get the fact that the rss is set up out to the blog and facebook users? I’m not sure if many even know what one is!

  3. Lauren

    Yesterday I went to have my annual physical done and had such great lab results I felt truly blessed. My one and only issue is my weight. I have more than 100 pounds to loose. I previously had gastric bypass surgery but did not loose all my weight with it, but did ward off diabetes with it for which I am thankful. Now a days it seems unless you bring up your weight issue doctors do not approach it themselves. Not sure if that is good or bad but yesterday I brought it up. She had sound advise for me and refocused me on what is important. then this morning I found your blog and am excited by all the sound advise I see here as well.
    Thanks for a great resource.

    1. mysistersaidadmin Post author

      So happy to hear from you, and happy that all your lab results were good. I think it is great that you brought up your weight issue with your doctor, and good that she helped you refocus. What we sisters are advocating is shifting habits from bad to better, trying to be as consistent as possible in making good choices when it comes to food, and moving as much as possible. It’s not about perfection, but rather about figuring out what works for each of us and sharing our experiences. We are glad you found our sisterhood and we look forward to hearing more from you.


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